CoronaRedemption | Hackathon Project for HackOn

I along with my teammate Rachit Srivastava took part in the HackOn hackathon that was conducted online on Devfolio. During the limited time-frame, we came up with our project “CoronaRedemption”. This application included the following features: Anonymous reporting of the violation of lockdown by people to the concerned authorities Ability to start donation camps by […]

(TUTORIAL) How to make Your First Alexa Skill | Get Free T-Shirt !!

I was requested for this post countless times soon after I received my developer perks from Amazon, for developing an Alexa Skill. In this tutorial, I would be teaching you how to get started with building your custom Alexa skills. (Note: A little coding knowledge is required.) Get to know about developer perks here: https://developer.amazon.com/alexa-skills-kit/alexa-developer-skill-promotion-india […]