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NPM package that allows to Visualize ERC20 token transfers in Truffle Tests.
Similar to how Etherscan shows the token transfers in a transaction, this npm package represents them in an easy to understand table, to make it easier for the developer to analyze internal token transfers that take place when calling a contract function.


  • Works with Truffle and OpenZeppelin Tests.
  • Generates Transfers table in the console output.
  • Ability to substitute addresses with custom names in output.
  • Track overall accounts balance change for all the addresses involved in the transaction and for each token transacted.

All-in-one directory of Live and Upcoming Hackathons so you Never Miss-out on any Future Hacks!


  • All important details about Hack at one place like Prize money, Tags, Location, Date & duration, link to Register and platform conducting it.
  • Responsive search box to filter hackathons by name or technologies associated.
  • Hackathons bifurcated into: Live, Upcoming and Ended sections.
  • Click on tags to automatically filter the corresponding hacks.
  • Join email newsletter to receive latest listings directly in the inbox.
  • Telegram community to interact with other hackers and get frequent updates.

Farm ERC-1155 NFTs by staking ERC-20 LP Tokens.
Each farmable NFT has some Price as 'points' associated to them. The user stakes their LP tokens to start accumulating these 'points' which are burned to claim NFTs from the farm.


  • Rate of NFT accumulation proportional to amount of LP tokens user is providing.
  • Farm for all NFTs at once. Choose particular NFTs on claim.
  • Resume farming from where left, if LP tokens withdrawn in between.
  • Claim all eligible random NFTs with farmed points balance.
  • Withdraw LP tokens, and claim NFTs in single transaction.

PrivaSwap allows the bitcoin users to transition into Ethereum by not hindering their privacy.
Users can swap their Bitcoins to tBTC tokens on Ethereum powered by Keep Network. These tokens are then transferred to a totally new Stealth Address via Umbra Protocol maintaining the Privacy of the User.

Benefits compared to Tornado Cash:

  • Valid for any arbitrary amount of Tokens (Not dependent on Slot Sizes)
  • No Waiting time as instant and direct transfer
  • Less Gas Fee per transaction as just simple token transfers.
  • DIRECT tBTC transfers (No need to convert to other supported tokens by tornado cash)

Mask Chain is a Supply chain using Ethereum Blockchain and IoT to track and verify the source of masks.
The Manufacturer and Transporter get Paid Directly to their Addresses without any middlemen taking their unnecessary cuts.

Key Users:

  • Manufacturer: Produces new Mask. Weight sensors used to fetch weight to the dapp. Webcam is used to take image of product and upload to IPFS. Record created on Blockchain.
  • Transporter: On successfully delivering the package, the transporter scans the QR Code to inform smart contract that the package has been delivered.
  • Buyer: The buyer receives the package with QR Code. He/she then scans it using the DApp. On successful scan, the details of the package are fetched from the Blockchain and displayed to the user. The user then pays in Ethereum to the Smart Contract which then splits the payment to Manufacturer and Transporter in predefined amount.

Crypto Car Battle is an NFT (ERC721) based HTML5 game with Crypto Payouts to the Winner.
Aim of the game is to finish the track in the minimum time possible. The winner wins the entire ETH pool and gets their CAR NFT's level upgraded which can later be sold to other users.


  • Allow users to mint NFT Car Token
  • Level of Cars increases with each battle win. Higher level means higher speeds.
  • User can challenge other players to beat their track time. They deposit ETH into the prize pool, the winner takes all!
  • Trade page allows user to trade and sell their NFT cars to other players.

Wrapped Aave's aTokens with non-increasing balance.
The underlying balance of the kTokens keeps on increasing due to the interest accumulated as the funds are pooled in the smart contract. Extremely beneficial for moving aTokens cross-chain (eg: here to Conflux) without losing the accumulated interest.


  • Wrapped aToken to mint corresponding kToken in return.
  • This kToken is easier to integrate with DeFi applications as the token balance remains the same.
  • For cross chain bridges, the kToken can be deposited to the deposit contract and mint same amount of kTokens on the other chain.
  • Price of each kTokens keeps on increasing, due to Aave's interest. So when they are burnt, the user receives more aToken than the amount deposited.

Agrinsure is a DApp that gives the power to rightfully claim the insurance back to the farmers.
Users can create their own policy and can choose to opt for insurance against Flood or Drought. They pay the required premium fee to the smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain.


  • Decentralized Crop Insurance, reduces middlemen involvement.
  • In case of flood/drought, farmers can claim their coverage. Just enter policy id and disaster's date.
  • Claim verified on blockchain by smart contract via use of Weather API, provided by Honeycomb and oracle nodes hosted by Chainlink Network, to get precipitation data.
  • If claim is correct, payout of coverage amount made directly to farmers' Ethereum Address by smart contract.

E-Nyay is a Decentralized Portal for Courts utilizing Portis and Matic, which allows immutable storage of Evidences along with Real-time video calling facility for court hearings by Live Peer decentralized video streaming protocol.


  • Complete log of evidences is maintained in decentralized fashion. Evidence files are uploaded to IPFS and data stored on Blockchain.
  • Court fees is only paid out when the case is closed, introducing some incentives to not delay cases any further.
  • The court fees is deposited into Aave (lending protocol) to earn interest during the duration of case, which is paid out in the end.
  • With Livepeer decentralized video call, judges and lawyers can conduct court hearings 100% remotely.

WhistleBlower is a Decentralized Application to provide a platform to connect WhistleBlowers with Journalists, NGOs and Lawyers while being 100% Anonymous and 100% Censorship Resistant utilizing immutable nature of blockchain.


  • Whistleblowers can publically post their evidence and claims, while being completely anonymous as they'll use new ETH address.
  • Organization of whistleBlower's choice conducts investigation to prove the claims. Status gets tracked on blockchain.
  • Evidence stored on IPFS so no government can censor the data.
  • Confirmed claims by organizations are displayed on the homepage and any fake spam entries removed.

All-in-one decentralized portal to tackle the effects of Covid-19, together as a society.


  • Anonymous and decentralized reporting of the violation of lockdown by people to the concerned authorities
  • Ability to start donation camps by individuals or institutions affected
  • View the current state of the spread of virus via dynamically updated graphs.

Live tension-free! This Bot keeps track of your CDP ratio and notifies you when it falls below critical level, preventing it from getting liquidated.
A sudden dip in the price can result in the your MakerDAO's Vault position getting liquidated. It's impossible to keep track of price and Collateralization Ratio 24x7, so let this Telegram bot handle it for you.


  • One-time bot set up procedure.
  • The server tracks vault position evenly every 60 minutes.
  • The user can specify at what level they want to get notified. For eg: 200% c-ratio, so they have some room to act before getting liquidated at 150%
  • Track overall accounts balance change for all the addresses involved in the transaction and for each token transacted.

Combining the Classic Snake game and the latest technology: Blockchain, this game aims to reward crypto to the Players that score better than the rest.


  • Players deposit ETH into the game pool to start playing.
  • Their objective is to beat Overall Player Average score.
  • The winners get back their initial ETH plus 1% more from the game pool. The losers lose their entire ETH to the pool.
  • The Game theory associated with the average score and reward incentives ensures that with each new win the target to beat increases maintaining equilibrium between Prize Pool and score to beat.

Connect with your Friends using Video and Text chats to play your favourite multiplayer IO games all on the same platform!


  • Create New Rooms and share join link with friends.
  • Interact via Video Call on top.
  • Text chat on the right.
  • Play the embedded casual IO games in the center.

Evaluation portal for programming assessments, lab evaluations and MCQ quizzes along with in-browser compiler supporting C++, Java and C. Made for the purpose of conducting computer lab assessments and tutorial tests in colleges.


  • In-Browser Compiler to verify test cases.
  • Locally hosted, so no internet needed, thereby eliminating the possibility of students searching for answers online.
  • Take timed tests with dynamically updated leaderboard.
  • Visualize class performance through bar graphs.
  • Separate section to take MCQ tutorial tests.

Small Projects


js jQuery Ajax HTML CSS
Chrome Extension to convert selected Bitcoin (BTC) value on a webpage to fiat equivalent, calculated using the current market price.

Crypto Trivia

Actions on Google
A Google Assistant app which is a fun and engaging trivia focused around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Great way to increase crypto knowledge in a fun way!

Real Estate UI

React.js Sass
Completely functional UI for a Real Estate website with dynamically updated listings based on search parameters and filters chosen. Has 2 display modes for listing cards.

स्वतंत्रता दिवस
(Independence Day)

Alexa Skills Kit Node.js
An Alexa Skill that gives random facts related to Indian Independence Day and can even play the National Anthem!

Full-Stack Library App

Node.js Express.js MongoDB Ejs
Thorough library app to manage book listing details, managing information about the authors and fully customizable search system to filter books by specifying range for publish date and book title.

CreateFakeWorldRecord .Online

PHP CSS Cirrus
Prank your Friends! Create your custom World Record certificates with your name. Your World Record fame is just a click away :)


Web Development

Major interest in developing new web-apps and learning new technology stacks.

  • BackEnd:
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Firebase
  • FrontEnd:
  • React.js
  • Sass
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
Additional Skills

Always eager to learn and explore a wide variety of domains.

  • Blockchain and more:
  • Ethereum Decentralized Applications
  • IPFS
  • Languages:
  • Solidity
  • Javascript
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • Voice:
  • Actions on Google
  • Amazon Alexa Skills
  • Cloud Computing:
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
Graphics Design

Pursue it as a hobby as well as for freelancing.

  • Video Editing and VFX:
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro
  • Graphics Editing:
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Augmented Reality (AR):
  • Spark AR
  • Other:
  • Unity Game Development